I am a Pharmacist

Just got a very interesting email.

Kegiatan dan tempat :

Membaca buku dan menemukan bacaan menarik ini

di Ruang racik

Hari ke : 12

Tanggal : 13 Juni 2009

I am a pharmacist

I am a specialist in medication

I supply medicines and pharmaceuticals to those who need them

I prepare and compound special dosage forms

I control the storage and preservation of all medication in my care

I am a custodian of medical information

My library is a ready source of drug knowledge

My files contain thousands of specific drug names and tens of thousands of fact about them

My record include the medication and health history of entires families

My journals and meetings report advances in pharmacy from around the world

I am a companion of the physician

I am a partner in the case of every patient who takes any kind of medication

I am a consultant of the merits of different therapeutic agent

I am the connecting link between physician and patient and final check on the safety of medicines

I am a counsellor to the patient

I help the patient understand the proper use of prescription medication

I assist in patient's choice of nonprescription medication

I advice the patient in matters of prescription storage and potency

I am a guardian of the public health

My pharmacy is a center for health-care information

I encourage and promote sound personal health practices

My services are avaiable to all at all times

This is my calling

This is my pride

- Author Unknown -

Taken from : "Panduan Pelayanan Informasi Obat 1988, PT (Persero) Kimia Farma"

pukul 13.59 WIB di Apotek Kimia Farma No.10, Jl. Braga No.6 Bandung


Maria Magdalena Yolanda Afianto Bastari

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