...Rahul. Pyaar kya hai?

What's love?
Love is friendship.
If she can't become my friend,
I can never fall in love with her.
Because, there's no love without friendship.
Simple! Love is friendship.
Okay, Ms. Breganza?

Okay, Rahul.
What an absolutely
delightful thought.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kal Ho Naa Ho

Have you fallen in love?
There's no such thing called love.
If there's a marriage
it's always...arranged!

Love? the body does not know to love.
It only knows hunger...
hunger for lust!
Love...Love is Yash Chopra's songs.
Love...Love chill
Love...I'll just tell you...

Love... when in love everything begins to look beautiful.
Every dream seems to come true.
All your goals change direction
Even the wind changes its course...
eyes search for colours...
and now even red starts to look nice...
every moment...every time... always...
there's only one name on the lips
... ... ...
"Some people get friend in theirs husband, but I'm lucky to have husband in my friend." 
(Naina Catherine Kapoor Patel)

Red? It always looks nice for me.. I love red.. redddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy...

Love? Love is Alex's song... hahahahahha... Aleeexxxxxx opppaaaa :D
Marriage is always arranged? Yup, arranged in HIS greatest plan.

There's only one name on the lips... hahaahahahahha, indeed!

"Ow, namanya sama dengan kakak gua..."
Eh? Tulisannya bagus :D
"Juara 2 udah di tangan"
Bisa juara 1
"Kelompok 7.. kelompok 7 yang menang"
Kelompok gua?
Eh, selamat ya, selamat udah lulus (selamat ulang tahun juga)

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Anonymous said... Reply

kyaaa gracie jadi romantis
ada apa ini ada apa ini?

Grace, M.Si., Apt. said... Reply

Ga ada apa-apa...
mau promo video yg di-sub dengan susah payah itu.. :D

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