An Antibiotic Fairytale

Time was running out, still complained for lot of things should be learned. Asking why to memorize for exam is not as easy as to memorize soap opera story. Then, this very short story came out from my sincere heart spontaneously.. 
June 10th, 2011.

There's an antibiotic that role as a superhero. It kills infectious bacteria in human body. But like all superhero, it has weak point. That antibiotic is easily destroyed by the enzyme that produced by bacteria. The host become worse. Then come its friend said "Let's work together, I will sacrifice my life. Let me the one that being hydrolyzed. You concentrate to kill the bacteria. Save the host!"
Then they work together and the host is successfully saved!

question :
(instead of saying it as short story, it is more suitable to say it as story-based question hehehehe)

what is the antibiotic? what is the "friend"? what is the term of their cooperation? they combine their name as?

her answer :
the enzyme is beta lactamase
antibiotics friend is beta lactamase inhibitor, example : clavulinic acid
antibiotic is amoxicillin :p
clavulinic acid combined with antibiotic such as amoxicillin to make amoxicillin not being hydrolized by beta lactamase enzyme. clavulinic acid being hydrolyzed, not amoxicillin.

It is called as antibiotic combination. Combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid usually termed as coamoxiclav. This combination is used when the infectious bacteria is already resistant to the sole antibiotic (the patient not going well). Mostly the beta-lactamase producing strain of the bacteria.


Even the antibiotic is the superhero... It still needs your help!

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