Imoseyama: More than an origami for me

I love origami.. Imoseyama origami attracted me so much for sure. It is a unique one, it looks like another simple crane origami but it isn't one crane.. there is double crane there. I believe, not only me that attracted by this origami. When I just uploaded my imoseyama photo, my friend asked me to teach her.. but we didn't have good time to do that. Then she ask if the directions available on internet, here is our conversation:

(16:26:41) T: ah, the origami.. 
(16:26:56) G: which one? the attached crane? hahaha.. 
(16:27:01) G: why? 
(16:27:14) T: are the directions available on internet? 
(16:27:23) G: hmmm, never seek before.. I got from book. 
(16:27:24) T: yes... 
(16:27:24) T: I want it...
(16:27:31) G: try search for.. "imoseyama" 
(16:28:16) T: is it have any special name?
(16:28:24) T: I'm searching now..
(16:28:37) T: ok... 
(16:29:00) T: thanks...
(16:29:04) G: check this one: 
(16:29:18) G: not opened yet here.. the internet is very slow.. haha  
(16:34:20) T: yes.. that blog about twin crane making 
(16:34:26) T: there are photos also... 
(16:34:50) G: yes..yes.. hahaha, that's right.. give it try then :D 
(16:35:36) G: the paper is rectangle that is formed by two squares. then it should be cut half only. 
(16:35:49) G: you can see the photo.. but if you fail to make it.. don't be upset..
(16:36:03) T: hehehe... 
(16:36:05) G: we have to do correct folding direction at the first.. 
(16:36:08) T: is it difficult?
(16:36:19) G: till now, I still can't remember the right folding direction.. haha 
(16:36:39) G: so, in the end it is upside down, so the wings can't be opened... haha 
(16:36:47) G: it is not difficult, but the first step should be done correctly.. 
(16:37:03) G: remember that the two birds are connected at their wings, but not their tails. 
(16:37:16) G: sometimes I got in their tails..hahahhaha 
(16:37:21) T: hoo... 
(16:37:34) T: like that... 
(16:37:43) T: ok, let's have a try at home... 
(16:37:48) G: well, not sometimes but frequently.. hahahahha, that's why i fail often :)) 
(16:37:59) G: yup, like that.. :P 
(16:38:02) T: :)) 
(16:38:13) T: so, the succeed one is limited edition?  
(16:38:18) G: yup,,, hahahahaha
(16:38:22) T: that's why you put on cuvette..  
(16:38:27) G: correct :D
Imoseyama at the top of cuvette-yama. Hahaha..  (Information for cuvette : size: 1x1x4.3 cm with 3.5 mL volume, price: around Rp.1,250,000)

Well, that's only a normal conversation about origami.. but like I wrote in this post's title, it is more than an origami. You can see from the conversation, the main point in making imoseyama (based on my own experience) is the correct first step to get the birds connected at their wings.
This "first step" reminded me to "my rule number one". The  first thing to be used as a start, if this number one fails to be fulfilled, then.. it won't be any further step.
Do you know what imoseyama means? The book stated imoseyama as couple. I have failed many times in making imoseyama origami because the wrong first step. I don't want to fail in making my real life relationship. I want to start it correctly from the first to the end.
I have to start in right direction from the first to get connection at wings.. so we can fly together.

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Theresa said... Reply

"I don't want to fail in making my real life relationship. I want to start it correctly from the first to the end"...

Nor do I:).However, just like when you made imoseyama, there are a lot possibilities that you could failed when you tried to make a correct beginning. In the relationship,sometimes it would be harder to start again from the very first step if you failed. To start a new one, need a lot of gut; humbleness;forgiveness;and the most of all,God. But as you said, "Don't give up":))

*Salut saia karena niat banget ngetranslate chatke bahasa inggris. Mari kita aktifkan otak kiri :)*

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