Tablets anyone?

It is started by Apple when launched the phenomenal iPad, not only consumer but also producer that affected by this phenomenal things. Now, we can see many "iPads" as many producers have joined  tablets competition arena. And, in the end.. we the consumer getting confused.. Hmm, which one is tablet PC that most suitable with me (specifications, features, and also price).

Wish there's someone that could give me review for all of them. Well, your wish has been granted :D
Check out this great website, you can see Tablet PC reviews, Tablet PC comparison. This site reviews most of Tablet PC in the market. You can get reviews for iPad 2, Acer Iconia W500, etc.. And for comparison, this site reviewed about Apple iOS vs Google Android. Wow, many of us doesn't know about the differences, right?
This site reviews objectively, you can see positive, negative points of a product. So, it is a really good site to see before you decide which tablet you will buy.

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