May Day: a day off in here..

May 1st 2011, I wished:
"Hello May, please be good."

on May 1st 2012, I remembered that.. and hoped the same thing.. "Hello May, please be good."

Hey.. it was May Day and it wasn't holiday here had to work.. but then "tlung tlung" my phone sounded.. got text message from my supervisor.. It was a part from 3 parts, I got the first part.. didn't understand the message because the main things was on the second and third part..(that then came after many hours later)
Thanks that my supervisor sent the same message through BBM.. I got the news:

Woooaaaaaaaa... happy..happy.. :p

Happy :D :D :D

But then.. boredness came bwahahahahhaa.. moreover when lunch time was calling.. Ugh, I wished I was on work.. no need to think about lunch.. uh.. hehehehehhe..

Then texted my colleague that had promised to treat me the most popular noodle in this town.. Oh yeah, I'm exaggerating it..hahahha.. but it's the most favorite noodle in my office indeed. Yes, free lunch :P went there by public transport.. ordered, then yum..yum..yum... yummy.. because it's free.. bwahahahahahahahahhahahahaha...

Went to ATM, but because the nearby ATM was on technical problem, we continue our trip to other ATM..

Went back by walking under the sunshine... I thought it was near.. but it felt like walking "a thousand mile" at dessert.. bwahahahahahaha..
Next, chillin' out at convenient store, buying some canned drink..

It's an end? no.. not yet..
The journey on May day was continued to stationary store..Buying something for my friends :D :D :D

Next, other colleague ask to join them playing around.. well watching movie to be precise. Honestly, I was on very bad condition that day.. the flu and my feet felt like.. uh yeah you know.. after walking for thousand mile.. But yeah.. come on.. let's had it!

Arrived at that place.. the place I used to nongkrong for several hours every week enjoying free internet service to chat with my loved ones :D. Wow.. I was amazed.. three years.. three years was so fast and that place became so crowded. Went to cinema, bought the ticket, taking dinner.. light one.. little window shopping, and finally, watched the movie.. the movie was MIROR MIROR. The princess was smart :D love it!

Ah, watching movie in this town, it was the first time. 3 years ago also had one movie.. not at this town, at nearby city :p. One day my beloved ones complained.. "You can go to cinema with 'other people' but not us."
I remembered that while watching movie that day.. and also remembered an incident happened in one cinema few months ago. Ah, cinema..

Ok. Finally, the journey came to its end. Thank God, I could have a day off :D

Moral of the story:
I don't agree with the statement:
"Work Hard, Play Hard"
 capeeee... hahahahaha :p

Waiting for another days off :D

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