Year of Elevation

"Year of Elevation" are the theme of 2013 from my church. Well, I never thought about what kind of elevation that would happen to me. Yeaahh, maybe on financial issue?

Today, it was a shocking day. First, checking my mail and got many things to do and they were CITO. Next, my section was moved to another group that means new boss.. oh yeah new boss. About this boss, uhh I heard a lot of negative things.. Me personally didn't have any negative experience with him. 
But I decide to think positive. I remember about the theme.. "elevation" maybe this is the way that God gave to elevate me. 
Another positive thing is he is very good in handling one of our analytical instrument . Yeah 

And as a welcome message.. he sent me an instant message:
Welcome to my team
Iya pak, mohon bimbingannya 
I back home and keep thinking about this change.. then remember one verse from Bible..
Tiap-tiap orang harus takluk kepada pemerintah yang di atasnya, sebab tidak ada pemerintah, yang tidak berasal dari Allah; dan pemerintah-pemerintah yang ada, ditetapkan oleh Allah.
(Roma 13:1)

And let this song be the theme song of 2013
We Have OVERCOME!!!!

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