Hi Grace..

Do you know how busy you was?
You could not even continue your story about the holiday.. you got new stories and wanted to write them up but they ended as drafts on your brain.
You know.. you right.. leave is something that "not good" for you.. after the long leave, you caught a cold.. reports were piled up, you had no time to do proper checking... but, at least you learn how to do not too short planning.

You got new ideas for your work. You even bought many notebooks to write down your ideas..you said that it was your new hobby, writing your idea as you believed that you were making history (you remember this clearly: The different of "historic" and "pre-historic" era was writing).
Well, congratulations! You made something that I can say no-one else in the world had done. Yeay! new history. Hahaha, well.. at least you know you didn't find anything about that on internet and nobody thought the way you thought. But when it came to prove your "theory" it was not easy..as suddenly you got "new project" and you had "no time" and the most frightening.. you lost the passion!

How come you lost the passion?
You analyzed many things.. what made you lost it.
You thought..you don't lost your passion but you refined it, you just had more specific passion. Hahahahaa..
But nah... It just the mood.. your mood affected so much. You just lost two friends, close ones..
You rarely brought your headset.. but that day, you coincidentally brought it and you started to be so melancholic (well you are). Hmm, what was your aim on listening music? To have your own world? To ease the pain? To get some positive spirit? As you listened to gospel songs (and some korean, latino songs haha), you know that those songs were made not for you but for God.. so, use it properly (remember you just read about worshiping worship).
People come, people go.. anyway they just your fingertips away.

You were a passionate person who thought your work was not work but hobby. You loved what you did and you did what you love. How lucky you were. But when the passion was gone..even your real hobby became work for you. Usually, you use your heart and brain when you do your hobby.. but then you lost the heart, only brain that worked. Yes, it was hard.. really hard..but your heart was back! oh Thank God!
Well, you are ISTJ and INFJ.

You should remember this also.
You were busy enough to prepare some proofs on "how good are you".
And you should congratulate yourself that.. you did good.
Well, I amazed and even forgot that you did many things.
Make sure that you always have written proof.. it is always useful. How good were you.. you had a start of 54 kg but then.. it was only 50 kg.
Even, old friends said that you becoming skinnier.. although most women loves to lose weight.. but you are different.. you should gain.
Well, at least you made a 50 to 51.
* by the way, the uniform size for trousers was getting smaller..
You was 54 kg with S size on your first day of work.
You still order S with 50 kg..but, it was so tight......... by the way.. the M size trousers on "garage sale" ah... we forgot it*

You must not forget this word.. "Acceleration".
You analyzed anything included your life.. you came to a conclusion that you were being on acceleration.
Let's read about your accomplishment later.

Fix it
Do you know that you became Miss Fix-it? You wanted to fix anything.
Hahaha, that's good.. but, you don't have much time..
Set your priority.

You hoped for many things...to be finished well..
You hoped that you were not waiting for too long.. well, on this case you should check your "system suitability"
You hoped.. September..
You hoped.. October..
Just keep praying hard..
It was not about time.. it was about your attitude.

Spiritual Life
Hoho.. How was your spiritual life?
Hmm, I could say that it was a "so-so" life.
Among of all your life-parts.. this should be your number one priority.
Yeah, it was not easy..
He is so faithful, don't be worry for anything.
pero sobre todas las cosas nunca te olvides de Dios

Have a great August..

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