This post should be posted few weeks ago..but as the internet connection was not good, it was ended in draft.. but it's okay, I need to do some revision though :P

Okay, Recognition.. I understand it as "being recognized".. but is it true? I mean, I should do "one language dictionary thing"
Nowadays, I ask wikipedia for words that I need know more. and wikipedia gave a list of its usage for many different meaning.
So, which one was the one I click? hehehehhee...
Something that relate with this:
Uh, red.. I love red :D
I never thought about, it was a surprised.
One thing that I remember about this surprise was:
Tetapi seperti ada tertulis: "Apa yang tidak pernah dilihat oleh mata, dan tidak pernah didengar oleh telinga, dan yang tidak pernah timbul di dalam hati manusia: semua yang disediakan Allah untuk mereka yang mengasihi Dia."
(1 Korintus 2:9)

Another thing was...
There's someone that knowing this since long long time ago..
Thanks for being very excited.

Don't be lazy!

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